Emergency Towers  | Emergency Telephones




Emergency Towers  | Emergency Telephones

Emergency Towers

Features and Functions for Emergency Tower Optional 

Specialising in the configuration of Emergency Telephones to customers required specifications. We can meet the requirements of large communications infrastructure projects for Businesses and Government.


Select Tower

  • Select most appropriate model of Weatherproof Tower.
  • From pole to Tower Cabinet.
  • Colours - Most Available.
  • Easy Access for maintenance.
  • Replacement parts.
  • Overnight Service.

Phone Options

  • SOS speed dial to pre programmed number.
  • Handset option - pick up handset or press button to call SOS number.
  • Glow in the dark SOS button option.
  • Preset number for SOS calls and at the same time you press the button a text messsage is sent.


24 Button Keypad

Pre-Program up to 20 telephone numbers. Ideal for Ariports, Railway Stations, Taxi Stands and Hotels etc

For example in an aiirport the buttons could be programmed as follows:

  • Press Keypad 1 for Quantas
  • Press Keypad 2 Hyatt
  • Press Keypad 3 Car Rental
  • ETC

GSM Converter

Just connect normal phone to GSM converter and make your calls.

No Telephone uine required just a $10 per month AMAYSIM allows unlimited calls to STD, Mobile and Local

Remote Locations

  • Solar Power with Battery Backup.
  • GSM - No line power required
  • Remote Programming allows the SOS numbers to be programmed from any location regardless of where the tower is located

Emergency Warnings

  • Flashing Beacon
  • Sirens Alarms
  • Loud speakers to broadcast emergency warnings

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